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How to grow your own PINEAPPLE plant & make a virgin Pina Colada recipe

Pineapples are so festive. They are flamboyant, spiky and just fabulously out there. Like, look at me. Here I am. Spiky and fabulous! When I buy fruit for the home, pineapples are first on my list. They smell beautiful and look so happy. Instead of buying flowers, I buy pineapples. They seem to serve the same purpose in their beauty. So I was thinking, why not go one step further and grow your own pineapple plant? It makes a lovely indoor plant and even though it might take over 2 years before it will bear any fruit. I think it is well worth it.

Pineapples are seriously healthy for you too. It has an enzyme called bromelain, which helps break down protein strains. Scroll down to see the list of health benefits of pineapples.

When life gives you Pineapples you make Pina Colada!

What to make with your beautiful pineapples? Below you will find an easy two ingredient recipe to make virgin Pina Colada. Decorated with maraschino cherries of course.

Zero Waste Friendly

Instead of the waste of the tops be thrown out as junk. Why not grow new plants from the food scraps? Makes perfect zero waste sense.

1. Health Benefits of Pineapples:

  • Bone strength (Due to high levels of manganese)
  • Eye health (Vitamin C and antioxidants)
  • Immune system support
  • Digestion (Fiber and bromelain)
  • Anti-Inflammatory benefits
  • Blood clot reduction (Bromelain)
  • Common cold and sinus inflammation (Vitamin C and bromelain)

2. How to Grow your own Pineapple plant:



Step 1:

Grab yourself a pineapple, or two.

Pineapple top

Pineapple top

Step 2:

Twist off the pineapple top by turning in circular motion.

Remove some of the leaves at the base of the pineapple top, so that it doesn’t rot. You can thin it out quite a bit here.

Pineapple top in water

Pineapple top in water

Step 3:

Place the pineapple top in a glass of water.

Place it in a sunny, happy spot.

Pineapple roots

Pineapple roots

Step 4:

Wait for the pineapple top to form roots. This could take a few weeks.

Pineapple plant

Pineapple plant

Step 5:

Plant your pineapple top in a breathable terra-cotta pot. Add some river stones to the bottom of the pot to make sure it drains well. The soil should be more sandy and should drain easily. Similar soil you would buy for cactus plants. Water regularly.

There you have it! Your very own pineapple plant!

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3. Virgin Pina Colada Recipe

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