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Design and Development

I am a software developer by trade and have been in the industry for over 15 years. I have worked as a Systems Analyst for Old Mutual. A Java Programming teacher to high school students and owned my own company. I worked with various businesses as their in-house developer, overseas and local. I have done some design work too and have won a few overseas competitions. I work as a freelancer at the moment. Below, kindly find some of the design work I have done. If you feel we could work together, don’t hesitate to contact me on

Client: Vegan Pure

Type: Design work, Photoshop

Vegan Pure is a company from the USA. I worked on a design for their website.

Brief from client:

“Vegan Pure is nutritional company that develops and sells a line of plant based nutritional shakes catering to people that are active, health conscious, and also seeking to do good deeds for the environment.

Target Audience: 25-50 year old. Men and Women seeking better nutrition, more protein in their diet. Believe that plant based is a healthy alternative. Outdoorsy people or people who perceive themselves in that way or are inclined to take steps to increase their physical activity.

Values: Healthy, Pure, Fresh, Active, Energetic”