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If you are looking to advertise, collaborate through a sponsorship, write about the blog, or if you are interested in the photography and video production – I would love to hear from you!

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Design and Development

I have worked as a Software Developer for over 18 years. This means I can code in various software languages and create various ‘things’. Like, web applications, mobile apps, websites and everything in-between.

From Systems Analyst at a corporate finance house Old Mutual to a High School Java Programming teacher at a few private schools. I worked with various businesses in the past as their in-house developer, overseas (remotely) and local. I have done some design work too and have won a few overseas competitions.

Currently, I work as a freelancer. Below, kindly find some of the work I have done. If you feel we could work together, don’t hesitate to contact me on Looking forward to hearing from you!

Client: Cape Camino

Date: December 2017

Type: WordPress, Custom work to offer different payment packages


Cape Camino is based in Cape Town. I worked on the build of their website, to include an online booking system for their different packages.

The website was created in WordPress and some of the features were custom built for their unique needs. It includes an online payment system, MailChimp integration as well as various custom emails with downloads linked to the products they buy.

Client: Vegan Pure

Type: Design work, Photoshop

Vegan Pure is a company from the USA. I worked on a design for their website.

Brief from client:

“Vegan Pure is nutritional company that develops and sells a line of plant based nutritional shakes catering to people that are active, health conscious, and also seeking to do good deeds for the environment.

Target Audience: 25-50 year old. Men and Women seeking better nutrition, more protein in their diet. Believe that plant based is a healthy alternative. Outdoorsy people or people who perceive themselves in that way or are inclined to take steps to increase their physical activity.

Values: Healthy, Pure, Fresh, Active, Energetic”