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How to make Fresh Hibiscus Tea

Prep Time2 minsCook Time10 minsTotal Time12 mins

Make healthy herbal Hibiscus tea with freshly picked flower petals for a refreshing drink that is high in Vitamin C and helps with weight-loss, anxiety, depression, high-blood pressure and so much more. Add lemon and see how the colour changes to the most beautiful pink. Like magic.

Hibiscus tea with fresh flower petals

 3 cups Water
 6 Fresh Hibiscus Flowers
 2 tbsp Fresh lemon juice

Pick fresh hibiscus flowers.
Pull all the petals from the flowers.
Rinse well in water to remove any dust, bugs or impurities.

hibiscus tea girl holding flowers


Boil the kettle and add boiling water over the fresh petals. Let it steep for 10 minutes. The petals will change from red to yellow.

hibiscus fresh flower petals steeping to make tea


Remove all the yellow petals. Don't steep the flowers for longer than 10 minutes or the tea will become quite bitter.

hibiscus flowers turns yellow when in hot water


You can drink the tea hot or cold. If you want an ice-tea, then add the tea to a few ice cubes.

hibiscus tea


Add freshly squeezed lemon and see how the colour magically changes to a beautiful pink!

hibiscus tea changes colour after adding lemon


Drink and enjoy!

sitting on the deck drinking hibiscus tea