Simple Homemade Spinach Pasta from scratch

vegan homemade spinach pasta strips

When you decide to add more greens to your diet, your meals transform from boring beige looking dishes to bright colourful sensory experiences! And that makes this recipe so much fun! Who doesn’t like playing with their food?

I ordered a veggie box from a local company and they delivered the most beautiful fruit and veggies to my door. Just opening up the boxes was such a sensory treat. The colours and the fresh smells. It just smelled so wholesome, safe and inviting.

Oh, the humble spinach leaf!

spinach leaf creative photography

When you receive a ton of fresh spinach, what do you create?

I sautéed some of these beautiful leaves with fresh tomatoes, onion and garlic and served it over mashed potatoes. Delicious! But, I digress.

Today we are creating a 2 INGREDIENT RECIPE with these beauties. Only spinach and flour is needed! That’s it! Amazingly simple and surprisingly tasty!

Fresh homemade pasta from scratch

We are making a homemade spinach pasta and we are making it from scratch! Making pasta is incredibly easy. It is surprisingly quick too. You only have to let the dough rest for about half an hour. So, you can have fresh pasta within an hour of deciding that you need pasta!

vegan homemade spinach dough

Is pasta difficult to make?

Not at all. Pasta is normally made with eggs. This recipe has no eggs and no oil. And it only has two ingredients!

Do you need a machine to make pasta?

No, you don’t. Those pasta machines are great and will make your pasta sheets nice and thin and all your strips equal, perfect sizes. However, I quite like the rustic look of pasta when it is cut by hand. I also didn’t use a rolling pin, I just used a glass bottle to roll the dough out. It worked great!

cutting vegan homemade spinach pasta

If you have a pizza cutter, then you could use that to cut the dough into strips. I didn’t use one. What works well is to fold the dough over each other and slice the dough into thin strips. Unroll each strip and ta-da! you have beautiful hand-made pasta! Just make sure you flour the dough very well before you fold it. So, the sheets don’t stick.

How do you cook it?

You cook it the same way you do normal pasta. You just add the pasta to a pot of boiling salted water. And you cook it for 2 minutes. And your pasta is ready!

How do you serve it?

I fried some fresh sage and garlic in a decent amount of butter. To keep the recipe simple, I just drizzled this sage butter over the pasta. It was so good. You can obviously eat it anyway you like. You can make a lovely white sauce and drizzle that over the pasta with some fried mushrooms. The list is endless.

homemade spinach pasta vegan no eggs simple

What does it taste like?

If you have cut your pasta by hand, chances are it might be a little thicker than normal pasta. It also puffs up when you cook it in salted boiling water. Personally, I love the texture and it is tastier than pasta you buy at the store. This feels fresh and lighter. Not as heavy as normal pasta.

This recipe is teenager approved! 😀

teenager eating vegan homemade spinach pasta

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Homemade spinach pasta from scratch

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