Healthy & Easy Recipes

Roasted Carrot and Garlic SpreadBy GypsyI never know what to do with carrots. I love this recipe as it is easy and cheap. And it actually tastes amazing. Buttery, smooth and perfect on fresh ciabatta bread.
Pink Lemonade (Naturally with fresh hibiscus flowers)By GypsyThe colour of this lemonade is spectacular! It is made with all natural ingredients and no refined sugar here. The star of the show are these beautiful pink Chinese hibiscus we picked from a neighbours garden.
Salted Date CaramelBy GypsyA wholesome and fiber-rich treat that's free from refined sugars. Whether you're craving a sweet snack or looking to elevate your fruit game, this delicious caramel is the perfect companion. Pair it with crisp sweet pears!
Dianthus Chiba Strawberry Simple SyrupBy GypsySummer is the perfect time to enjoy a refreshing drink that is infused with the delicate floral notes of edible flowers. A sweet and aromatic syrup made from fresh dianthus chiba strawberry petals.
Spicy Street Corn SaladBy GypsyThis spicy street corn salad is perfect for a braai or any gathering. It is sweet, salty, spicy & zesty. The lime just completes this salad beautifully. A real crowd pleaser!
Spinach PestoBy GypsySpinach pesto is a versatile condiment that adds a burst of flavour to a variety of dishes, from pasta to sandwiches to salads. Experiment with different ingredients and variations to customize the pesto to your taste preferences.
Fresh Cherries Dipped in Dark ChocolateBy GypsyThese chocolate-dipped cherries are perfect for serving at parties, gatherings, or as a special treat for yourself. Enjoy the combination of juicy cherries and rich dark chocolate in every bite!
Chili Hot SauceBy GypsyHomemade chilli sauce! This is a real heat treat! Cayenne peppers, Red Thai chillies and Habenero chillies make up this SPICY chilli sauce. With a secret ingredient that will transform this sauce into your new favourite hot sauce.
Nasturtium PestoBy GypsyThese freshly foraged nasturtium flowers and leaves makes for an exquisite pesto. This pesto is made without nuts. We used sunflower seeds to add a little crunch and creaminess to the pesto. Sunflower seeds are packed with nutrients. So this gives our pesto an extra health kick!
Homemade Elderflower CordialBy GypsyEnjoy this indulgent Elderflower Cordial. Made with freshly foraged white elderflowers. This drink is so refreshing served with sparkling water and ice. Tangy & sweet.
Muesli rusks with oats, seeds and raisinsBy GypsyThese vegan Muesli Rusks made with oats, seeds and raisins is a must this holiday season! They keep really well in an airtight container and tastes amazing! They have all the qualities of a healthy moreish snack!
Potato and Mint Beet RavioliBy GypsySuch a simple and yet luxurious recipe. Potato and mint goes together so beautifully and making beautiful red / pink ravioli is so fun to make with kids. This recipe makes playing with your food super fun. Smothered in sage butter or white pasta sauce makes this a very tasty recipe.
Spicy Grilled Corn on the CobBy GypsyThe sweet, zesty, spicy, creamy corn, grilled for just a few minutes on an open fire is the best side dish (or even main dish) at any BBQ or as we like to call it in South Africa. A braai. If you haven't had corn on the cob like this before, do yourself a favour...
Simple Roasted RadishesBy GypsyRoasted radishes is probably the most well kept secret ever! I use radishes in salads and/or thinly sliced on sandwiches. But boy oh boy are you in for a treat! Radishes tastes sweet and soft when you roast them. They lose their peppery taste. Roasting them with the greens makes them extra delectable.
Homemade Spinach PastaBy GypsyFresh homemade spinach pasta. Egg-free, easy and only 2 ingredients. What is there not to love? Making fresh homemade pasta taste so much better than anything that you can find in a store. Did I mention it is extremely cheap to make?
Creamy Vegan Caesar SaladBy GypsySimple creamy and healthy vegan caesar salad, made with roasted chickpeas and dressing made with sunflower seeds. Dairy free, gluten free and super delicious. Simple and yet sophisticated. Look no further in finding a salad that completely satisfies. Remake of an old classic.
Fresh Winter Citrus Salad with MintBy GypsyThis colourful and fresh Winter Citrus recipe is simple but oh does it satisfy! Adding honey and mint to it just takes it to another level. Not to mention the different flavours of the bitter grapefruit and the tart orange with the sweet naartjies. So delicious and absolutely beautiful.
Vegan Fish with Banana BlossomsBy GypsyBanana blossoms packs a punch in terms of its health profile. It is such a unique flower, that if you fry it up with some batter it flakes just like fish. It has a more lemon "fresh" flavour. But with the seaweed added to the batter, you could be mistaken this dish as fish. It will satisfy those cravings in no time.
How to make Fresh Hibiscus TeaBy GypsyMake healthy herbal Hibiscus tea with freshly picked flower petals for a refreshing drink that is high in Vitamin C and helps with weight-loss, anxiety, depression, high-blood pressure and so much more. Add lemon and see how the colour changes to the most beautiful pink. Like magic.
Smoky Baba GanoushBy GypsyThis smoky baba ganoush recipe only has a few ingredients but packs a punch. Ingredients include tahini, lemon, salt and smoked paprika. Drizzle with oil and coriander. It is wonderful to serve with any kind of bread and cucumber, pepper and carrot sticks. Great party food and snack.
Green high-protein Mango SmoothieBy GypsySuch a lovely go-to smoothie when you need a pick-me-up or a pre-workout green smoothie. The chia seeds and peanut butter ads some good protein and omega's for an all-round health boost! It is sweet and smooth and just the best green smoothie you can attempt to make.
Easy Pickled Red OnionsBy GypsyPickled red onions are a game changer. If you have never tasted them, then you are in for a treat. They are extremely healthy and super versatile. Add them to burritos, tacos, curries, burgers, sandwiches, salads... literally anything. They are tangy, crunchy and just all-round wonderful.
2 Ingredient Virgin Pina ColadaBy GypsyPineapples has such a festive look about them. They are super healthy for you as they contain a wonderful digestive enzyme called bromelain. It breaks down protein strains. This easy two ingredient virgin Pina Colada recipe is a winner!
Sun TeaBy GypsyMaking Sun Tea is fun and a beautiful routine to get into. If the sun is out. Grab a glass jar, pop in some tea bags, lemon and mint and leave the jar in the sun for about two hours. Serve warm or over ice. Delicious!
Banana and Beetroot SmoothieBy GypsyA perfect two ingredient smoothie that is filled with nutrients. Banana for energy and beautiful red beetroot to help your blood and liver. Iron rich smoothie for acne free skin.
Baked Sriracha Cauliflower Hot WingsBy GypsyThese hot cauliflower wings will satisfy most tastebuds. They seem sinful but works well as a meat substitute or as finger food at a party. Great recipe to make for friends and family.
2 Ingredient Creamy Raw Vegan FudgeBy GypsyThis quick fudge recipe is healthy and so easy to make. Keeping some in the fridge to enjoy with tea and a good book. It definitely hits the sweet spot. But without the guilt. Try it!
Palm Hearts Vegan CalamariBy GypsyHaving an opportunity to eat calamari after choosing to go plant-based is a revelation I tell you! These palm hearts vegan calamari is as good as the octopus version, if not better. Same texture. Firm but soft. Give these a try, they are delicious.
2 Ingredient Raw Vegan Flax CrackersBy GypsyThese crackers are perfect to keep in the fridge as a snack. If you need a healthier option in terms of a sandwich, these crackers are a great replacement. They are crunchy and can be used with most savory toppings. You can crunch them up in your favorite soup as well.