Carolyn Cooper About Organic Gypsy

Hi, I’m Carolyn. This is where I try not to bore you as I talk a little about myself. I am a dog-loving, tree-hugging, urban farmer ‘greeny’ that is trying to figure out, how to tread lightly on this earth. I am a mom of two and work as a software developer on most days. I have two rescue dogs and one rescue feline. And I will probably sneak some posts in about them too, somewhere.

Where did it all start?

I started this blog to share my journey into zero waste, minimalism, tiny home living and growing and connecting with like-minded people.

The Organic Gypsy was created about 15 years ago. I became sick and was desperately looking for alternative ways to heal. So, I went from eating meat three times a day to drinking green juices overnight.

I was learning, for the first time, how to eat and what food really is. Learning what natural foods looked like. Incorporating more nutrients into my diet was quite a challenge. I tried so many different recipes and almost half of them were absolutely fails. They were horrid and had to throw the food away. Some recipes stuck and I would really like to share those with you.

I must just be clear in saying that I am by no means a 100% of anything. I don’t fit in any box. Some recipes are vegan, vegetarian, AIP (Auto Immune), gluten free, refined sugar free etc etc. And there might be some meat dishes on here as well.

With that all said, I started a blog then, to track my journey. I also experimented with a few things. Like having no fridge. Going zero waste. Living in a minute tiny home.

Where I am now

At the end of July 2023 I moved to Knysna to be closer to my mom. I live in a tiny off-grid cabin in the forest. A series of unfortunate events brought me here, but I am happier now than I have been in a long time. The peace and tranquility helps me think, heal and dream of beautiful things. I am still dreaming of owning that acre of land one day, but until then I am snuggly living a peaceful life with my animals.

What is the blog about?

So, I am hoping to dive right into those topics in this blog and just create a place where I can keep track and record our experience with this lifestyle. Things like:

I do hope you find these interesting too and if you are on the same journey or would like to know more, let’s connect and hang out.

Much love.