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Stop sucking: say no to plastic straws!

Just say no! Say no to plastic straws.

The thing is, our oceans are dying. It is warming up. If you are like me and you are fed up of hearing just another thing that we suck at, then welcome to the club! Enough already. But here is the thing. A lot of the catastrophe is due to larger events. Events that are not our fault (not really). However, it IS our problem. Things like over-fishing, radioactive material, sewage, oil, trash and garbage (like straws), fertilizers, chemicals, and heavy metals. So many things are happening daily to our oceans to fuel this disaster. And there are many people making it their life’s work to fight these industries and governments to stop already. But how can we help?

So, how can WE stop sucking?

I have to be honest, I have been using plastic straws for a long time. I haven’t really thought about the impact it had on the environment. But as my quest to go zero waste. Chucking the plastic straw seems a fairly easy thing to do. There are alternatives of course. There are beautiful glass straws and paper straws we can use.

So as of today, I am sucking less, by not using or buying any more plastic straws. Sometimes we feel so powerless with all the destruction in the world. Sometimes all we have to do is focus on ourselves. So that it can feed into the collective. Small changes we do today, impact our future. Out children’s future.

Who is with me? Who is going to stop sucking with me?

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I love this illustration done by the great artist Daniela Garreton

Stop sucking - say no to plastic straws

Stop sucking – say no to plastic straws


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